Understand Your Orbit

Every business is in their own orbit...

After a good launch, many businesses fail to transition into an effective growth sequence, and operate in a constant Launch Mindset.

Understanding Your Orbit Stage 1: Systems Check

Guidance System Mission, Vision, Values

Knowing and understanding the Core Beliefs and Values that shape your organization will create a common unifying objective that will enhance your ability to align all of your teams and build stronger brand recognition

Exit Analysis Never start without the end in mind

Always know your exit plan. When and how does this journey end? There is a big difference in strategy knowing that you are looking for a quick build and flip vs a legacy plan. Knowing your exit gives your leadership a clear directive of where to take the business.

Burnout Analysis Launch Transition Strategy

Have you used all the thrust from your initial launch? Hitting a plateau is scary, but normal. This analysis helps us determine the current rate of growth as it sits today, and helps us determine what elements of our launch we can eliminate to simplify our ability to scale. Think Product Simplification

Understanding Your Orbit Stage 2: Operational Housecleaning!

Crew Team Audit

Your team... are they generalists or specialists? How well do they know how to execute on their responsibilities assigned with their role?

Mission Control Tech Stack

No Rocket can find their target without a coordinated set of data workflows. Moku specialists will audit how your data moves through your company from Lead to Sale to Client Testimonial

Fuel System Overhead and CashFlow

Understanding your burn rate is critical in coordinating your growth strategy. P&L’s and Balance Sheets along with a solid forecast of revenue will help us know how far and how fast the journey can go!

Understanding Your Orbit Stage 3: Client Profiling

ICP Profiling Who are you serving... Client Journey

We ALL have clients we love... and clients we don’t love quite as much ;) How well do you know how to profile who you want to have on your Rocket? This analysis is key in determining your messaging, product development, and delivery!

Collision Avoidance System Competitive Analysis

Knowing what is happening around you will help you maintain a steady course towards your objectives. Seeing what others are doing to get there can help you see things you should, and should NOT be doing on your journey!

Guest Services Customer Success

No mission is successful without keeping our passengers happy. Now that we know who our client persona is... it's time to outline the plan that will keep them happy! A strong strategy for customer success not only means retention of existing clients, but adding new services that will increase spend from the base of clients you already have!

Understanding Your Orbit Stage 4: Operational Repetition

Payload Product Development

Product Fit, Fulfillment Model, and Delivery. How well does this operate internally & what are your clients saying about it? Creating products the customers are asking for increases demand, & usually the prices.

Coms System Brand & Messaging Guide

A consistent voice being broadcast in ALL of your messaging. Are people understanding what problem you solve? What do people think of when your brand is seen? When your message speaks clearly to your ICP, they are more likely to buy your goods & services.

Thrusters Revenue Operations

How are you generating your thrust? Do you have a system or are you using spreadsheets? How equipped are your reps? What are you doing to train the teams? When your team has a clear path to converting a sale, the entire process feels normal & natural.


We help companies transition from Launch Mode into Growth Mode by Assessing and Training them to be Growth Ready

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